We have over 30 years experience in the health care sector. Our work ranges from primary through to secondary care in both the private and public sectors.

private hospital room different view
private hospital room
Whether you are an NHS Trust wanting to extend or modernise your outpatients department, maternity department, or a local health
centre or surgery with increasing clientele. We have the knowledge and experience to achieve your specific and individual vision. Our experienced and professional teams understand the complex and challenging nature of working within a live hospital environment. By adopting a close and collaborative relationship with management and staff, we are able to minimise the impact of construction activities on the day to running of each department.

We make it our business to know your business, forming strong lines of communication and learning everything possible about your specific needs and the day-to-day running of each healthcare project. This enables us to tailor the site specifics around your requirements. All projects can expect the utmost in customer service, with each receiving care and communication at Director level.

Placing a strong emphasis on the specialist needs of a healthcare situation, such as hygiene and sterilised environments, noise levels and patient privacy, we communicate all of our practised knowledge to our site labour force. By educating everyone who enters the site we effectively manage any possible risks.
Managing design, innovation and quality – we work in conjunction with the design team, the Client and their end users to create
dynamic, new and improved healthcare facilities and environments.

Effective handover procedures and continued customer care mean that our Clients often comment that the quality of our service and product exceeds their expectation.